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Ahmednagar district is the largest district in the state. Being one of the major towns in the district, there are many jobs in the city, ideal for freshers and professionals alike. The agriculture and allied services sector are among the leading employers in Shrigonda. Sugarcane, cotton, red gram, wheat, and millet are the major crops grown in the city.

Apart from the thriving agricultural sector, the manufacturing industry has also emerged as a significant part of the economy. There are many small and medium-scale industries in the region. The district produces a range of products such as food products, machinery, metal parts, and other miscellaneous items. Some of the major employers in Shrigonda include agro-based, chemical-based, and metal-based industries. The manufacturing of wooden-based furniture, rubber items, and plastics goods is also significant in the city.

Additionally, the tourism and hospitality industry also creates many jobs in Shrigonda. The city has many religious sites and annual festivals visited by thousands of pilgrims from across the state. The Mohamad Maharaj Yatra, Khandoba Yatra, Bhairoba Yatra, and Salvandevi Yatra are the prominent annual events that attract locals and tourists alike.

The city boasts of a robust economy that offers many career opportunities across diverse sectors and sub-sectors. No matter your educational background or working experience, you can find suitable jobs in Shrigonda for expanding your horizons. Thus, working in Shrigonda can be an excellent choice for your career.

Additionally, the city promises a superior quality of life for people living and working in Shrigonda. With easy accessibility to affordable housing, quality education, healthcare facilities, and a flourishing services sector, Shrigonda is one of the best places to live, build your career, and raise a family.

Agriculture and allied services are the prominent job creators in the district, providing livelihood to most of the local population. Though agriculture has always been the primary occupation of the town, the manufacturing industry has gained momentum over the years. You can find jobs in Shrigonda in agro-based, chemical-based, wooden-based, and metal-based industries. Other major employers include units manufacturing rubber and plastics goods. These units employ many individuals with varied experiences and qualifications. Additionally, there are employment opportunities in the engineering units and repair and services sector. Apart from this, the growth of the tourism and hospitality industry has elevated the total number of jobs in Shrigonda in recent years.

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