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The climate conditions in Valparai are ideal for growing tea and coffee. People with an educational background in farming or agriculture have numerous jobs in Valparai to explore. The estates also offer a valuable learning ground for people without the requisite degrees, but passionate and willing to learn. From managing the estate, working directly in the plantations to production and selling–these estates provide lucrative jobs in Valparai. These estates are some of the most highly-regarded employers in Valparai. The city’s tea plantations, in particular, are immensely popular in the state and outside it. Additionally, the climate in Valparai is suitable for planting cardamom and cinchona trees as well.

The presence of vast plantations has also been conducive to tourism jobs in Valparai. The Government of Tamil Nadu joined hands with ITDC to construct numerous resorts, hotels, and parks to attract tourists. It is an effort that has increased the scope of the service industry and diversified the economy and jobs in Valparai.

Valparai and nearby areas are abundant in forest products, such as timber, fuelwood, gallnut, and mango. Over the years, forest-based industries have seen a significant rise as employers in Valparai. The sector usually deals in commercially valuable wood such as teak, sandalwood, rosewood, and bamboo.

Further, Valparai also contains several dams and hydroelectric power plants. People looking for opportunities in the hydropower sector can also explore jobs in Valparai.

The cultivation of the cinchona tree is also a niche contributor to the economy in the city. Widely used in medicines to cure malaria, cinchona is a priceless ingredient grown abundantly in Valparai. Many people working in Valparai find employment in the Tamil Nadu Government’s cinchona estate and factory located here.

Valparai offers excellent jobs and opportunities in exciting sectors, such as tea, coffee, and the services industry. Its plantations provide lucrative jobs at various levels of experience and in beautiful work settings.

As an emerging tourism hub, working in Valparai gives you the scope of meeting diverse professionals and clients. Along with its excellent weather and connectivity, this unassuming hill station is an ideal location for excellent work and high standards of living.

The economy in Valparai depends on its numerous plantation crops. The tea and coffee estates provide the most number of jobs in Valparai. If you are keen to explore a different niche, cinchona plantation is also an excellent choice here. Outside the plantation estates, Valparai’s rich biodiversity offers excellent scope in forest-based industries and occupations. Together, plantation crops, forest-based products, and tourism are the biggest employers in Valparai.

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