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AI Technology Feature

Zoek India’s AI technology makes finding the right job fast and easy!

Zoek India uses AI technology to accurately find you jobs that match your skills and experience. All you need to do is log in!

 How does AI help you find the perfect job?

The answer is technology. We use a unique artificial intelligence algorithm that performs a much more detailed job match search. Furthermore, our program learns from your searches, optimising your employment chances and constantly improving your job matching searches.

Our intelligent job matching technology performs a 5-stage job search. This is compared to most online job searches that only perform a 1 or 2-stage search. Our unique 5-stage search consists of the following 5 steps:

Stage 1 – Job search

The first stage is the most basic. This stage focuses on the specific job title you search for. Most job boards end here. Meaning you are left to read through endless lists of jobs, most of which are not suitable for you. Simply searching a job title is not enough. The information you are given is too basic and you are still left spending lots of time and effort scrolling through them. Thankfully, Zoek India does much more to find you the perfect job.

Stage 2 – Categories

Our 2nd stage focuses on categories. This enables you to further narrow your search for jobs in a particular sector, such as education or government work. This is important because it focuses your job search and allows you to focus on the sectors you want to work in. This stage helps to significantly reduce the time and effort you spend looking for specific roles, such as government jobs in India.

Stage 3 – Resume keyword extraction

Stage 3 is where Zoek India really begins to provide a personal, bespoke job matching service. Our A.I. software now looks for individual keywords and phrases that appear in both your resume and suitable job adverts. By closely matching specific job requirements with your skills and experience, we provide you with incredibly accurate and personalised job matches. Our ‘Search by Resume’ feature automatically begins searching your resume as soon as you upload it. Providing you instantly with much more accurately matched jobs that reflect your own needs and abilities.

Stage 4 – Fuzzy search

This stage performs a related-word search to the keywords identified in stage 3. This ensures you do not miss out on suitable roles simply because different words/expressions were used. Furthermore, you are also able to view positions that perfectly match your skills and experience, but which would have been missed by other job boards.

Stage 5 – Synonym search

Finally, we perform a synonym search (words written differently but with the same meaning). English is a complicated language with many words and expression used to say the same thing. Stage 5 ensures you do not miss out on jobs in India because of such difference in language. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you are not missing out on roles that could be perfect for you.

What does this mean for you?

Our 5-stages combine to give you a detailed, personalised job search. This means the jobs you are recommended are much more closely matched to what you want. This saves you lots of time and effort, letting you can focus on only applying for the right roles for you. All of this combines to maximise your chances of finding jobs in India – the jobs you want. So what are you waiting for! Log in today.

Watch our video below to learn more about our fantastic AI technology and how it can help you find your next job!